Our balance of 2016 cannot be more positive, or it actually can… in this new year we go for more. We incorporated new lines of work, relaunched our image, won awards, organized events and campaigns and dreamed a lot since dreams are the vanguard of great deeds.

Let’s get down to the especifics:

We raise our glasses for the past 365 days. We started them with the commercialization of advertising spaces in events. The sponsorship of both cultural and sporting events remains for the future. The experiences in the International Chess Tournament Capablanca In Memorian and the Marabana-MaraCuba 2016 were very useful. We prepared like athletes for those events, because we were competitors.

During Capablanca, we coordinated the sponsorship of Banco Sabadell, Vima and Ferruz, and for the second event, we did the same for Konfort and MKTG and Sabadell bank.

We already started training for Marabana 2017, since we already signed an agreement with its Organization Committee to work together once again in next November.

During 2016 we continue to surprise and gain customers for our line of merchandising and personalized promotional gifts, one of the pillars of our work for the past 12 years. The truth: it has been a privilege to meet the demands of HCI, Unicef, Hotel Saratoga, Brascuba and Unilever, just to mention a few examples.

in FIHAV 2016

in FIHAV 2016

From January to December we strengthened our line of business dedicated to media planning.

Thanks to our experience, we were able to explain how to conduct communication in Cuba in the scenarios and media that allow advertising. In fact, we had the privilege of being at the helm of the campaign for the arrival of the airline Turkish Airlines to Cuba: we made the media plan with all the media (sheetfed, digital, TV and radio), we were in charge of the call for the inaugural press conference. More than thirty media were there. We also made the coverage for social networks in real time, another of the lines for which we were awarded in FIHAV 2016, in the category of digital media.

Hadn’t we say this year was quite intense?

But there were more … EBM signed an exclusive agreement with IP+D for the representation inCuba. IP + D, is a Spanish company dedicated to the production of digital communication equipment and services.

This extends, of course, our product portfolio with new advertising media. One of those media earned the product award in FIHAV 2016. Now we are able to generate any content you need to communicate and at the same time we offer the best supports with the latest technology.

The list of satisfied clients for event organization service and our product supply increased.

Our services as event organizers and product suppliers for those occasions extended the list of satisfactions. During FIT CUBA 2016 we were in charge of the project of decoration of the venue: the old colonial castle known as La Cabaña. We prepared promotional articles for several companies that participated in FIHAV and, we were organizers of the 1st. Convention of Local Planet in Havana.

Then came the exclusive invitation of project Espacios to cover the visit of the famous American designer Kenneth Cole. The reason for that was the engagement received by our contents in social networks. This will become a new services offered to our customers to keep all fronts covered. It will go to those raising awareness for their brands or introducing a product or service in Cuba.

We most likely are forgetting something, but this is all to keep you updated on all issues and start 2017 with the right foot. Those of us “aplatanados” in Cuba, respect good Cuban traditions and call for good energies. Consult our website,follow us on social networks, become part of EBM family with any of our commercial lines. We are your agency in Cuba, leader in comprehensive communication. Try us and you will see that if we win, you will get away with it!