It is becoming more frequent that whenever looking for a beverage for a special occasion, Cubans choose a wine to accompany dinners, meetings or friend’s gatherings. While a few years ago beer reigned over such a hot country, nowadays wine wins over both occasions and loyal customers.

Catachile, arrives to Cuban market as a representative of important wineries representing the highest values and traditions of South American winemaking.

This ship is commanded by Philip Timmermann, a Chilean businessman who loves Cuba and is passionate about his new project. It aims to convey and promote the wine culture and benefits of wine consumption. In a more knowledgeable market and with the presence of several international brands, the winery portfolio works with a selection of wines of medium and high ranges with which it intends to enchant the palate of Cubans and those who choose the island for extraordinary moments.

A set of very prestigious wineries compose the CataChile portfolio, all with a long-standing history and with key differentiating elements that serve to cover a wide spectrum of needs: Red, white, sparkling:

CasaDonoso, focuses on Premium wines since its very beginning. Casa Silva was selected by Catador Wine best vineyard of the year four years in a row. Errazurriz, pioneers in planting French grapes in Aconcagua. Valdivieso, is the first producer of sparkling wines in Chile and South America. Lapostolle, distributes in more than 60 countries and are experts in liquors, spirits and high-end wines. Viu Manent, is known for the quality of its product and Bodegas Renacer is the only Argentinian winery among those represented by Catachile. It is also the one that has proudly included three of its wines among the Top 100 of the best in the world, according to specialized publications.

Cuba has extraordinary products to pair with wine and that is one of the lines of work promoted by CataChile at the beginning of its journey in Cuba. It is not only about putting the product on the market, but also about adding value through the pairings propositions generated through the training of the sommeliers who will master the possibilities brought by the different wines of each winery represented.

It is no accident that one of the activities of this first stage of Catachile’s work in Cuba was the exploration of pairings with the world-famous Habanos. As a star product of the island, cigars have ample possibilities for pairing, given the characteristics of certain wines. The first experience was a promising success, this time by Casa Donoso, who presented its red wine “Bicenterario”.

This day brought an opportunity to celebrate the virtues of high quality products, for two important rum brands such as Perla del Norte and Cubay were also present.

“Chilean wine has unbeatable products and a very rich history. We see in Cuba an emerging market that I am sure CataChile can satisfy. This exchange that we have made with the support of Cuba Ron SA has shown it. The level of gastronomy professionals in Cuba is quite impressive. Cuban sommeliers have a very high level of knowledge, comparable to any sommelier in Europe or South America, with very well-known personalities, and also have a unique humility and affection that make this land a paradise. It has been a very rich, expressive exchange … we could feel the avidity for this level of wines. And the impact shows that we are ready; definitely” Timmermann expressed to Excelencias Magazine, during the first presentation of the product in May.

After several months of intense work, CataChile continues to enhance its leveo of organization and its presence in Cuba. Meanwhile EBM is very pleased to accompany it in this endeavor. CataChile means good wine with a guaranteed quality brand. Cubans and those who visit the island will delight whenever these wines arrive to definitely make a difference.