When we received a call from Consultores Asociados S.A (CONAS) inviting us to take part in the WORKSHOP: “Designing Market Research: A tailor-made suit”, the answer was a definite and resounding yes. Later we would know more, but, at that initial moment, the certainty of having a counterpart with common objectives that were of vital importance to Cuba prevailed.

Conas is a company that provides services related to business consultancy, auditing, facilitating procedures and training, and often offers its clients useful lectures and workshops, both for the Cuban business network and for foreign businessmen who are already operating in the Cuban market or intend to do so. In a country that has experienced an onslaught of commercial and financial sanctions imposed by the U.S. government over the past 60 years, the professional skills provided by Conas are a priority.

Supporting foreign investors and, at the same time, Cuban companies so that they can better export products “Made in Cuba” has put both companies in total harmony, particularly because the objectives of both require comprehensive communication to achieve success, with this being EBM’s speciality.

EBM Chairman, Manuel de la Rica, in his presentation at the joint workshop.

In the Market Research Workshop we discuss how this research, one of the services provided by Conas, is necessary for the decisions made by the company, including those related to Advertising and Marketing. Our chairman, Manuel de la Rica, presented participants with successful campaigns based on the results of this type of research, while sharing how agencies have changed internally to better meet the demands of their customers.

The Telde del Meliá Habana hall seemed small in light of the interest shown. On the one hand, the experience and possibilities offered by a good market study conducted by Anais Coterón, who was accompanied and supported by her boss Gelza Alba Pons, were addressed, and on the other, the importance of advertising based on the results of this type of research. A morning of sharing knowledge and developing synergies around the different services we offer, with an eager, interested audience.

Anais Coterón, a specialist at Conas, in charge of the first part of the workshop.

The workshop was the first step on a journey that has just begun. Both teams are already working on taking advantage of possibilities, focused on the needs of Cuba and people looking for business opportunities. Communication that takes advantage of all of the channels within our scope, particularly the digital environment, led Conas to us and we were right to make an instinctive response. Together we will go further, now with successful experiences to share to take forward towards new scenarios.

A successful day.

Joint materials for those taking part in our workshop.