” In these 35 years, Cartelera has changed of paper, size, typography … but what it makes the difference with respect to the rest of the publications, even, those of the same kind, it’s keeping the essence of the first day “, assured in the room G.1 of the Fort San Carlos de la Cabaña, Tania Vargas Fonseca, principal of the monthly publication.

We are -she said- a very important promotional support for cultural initiatives and for so many city events.

Surrounded by founders, readers and members of the current team, in the context of the International Fair of Book of Havana, Vargas Fonseca commented about the experiences of the publication, achievements and main challenges.

Cartelera, a cultural, touristic and commercial magazine, lays stress on the rich cultural city life, as well as the role of cultural institutions as Artex, the publishing innovations, the festivals of the different art manifestations. With similar agenda, it plays an important orienting role with a view to the increasing number of foreign visitors who arrives to our country. Because, everybody wants to know about culture and Cuban events.

Ebm is never by the periphery. We were special guests in the celebration because Cartelera is part of the available publications in Cuba that insert advertising. We relied on this magazine for Turkish Airlines’s campaign and it is in our Media Planning, available for our clients, interested in announcing in the Island a service or a product. It was very emotive to feel the acknowledgment of this team when we were mentioned in the room with the distinction of “good collaborators”.

” And here we are our dear Dianeh, from EBM …! “, the presenter said and we all assumed it was a multiple embrace. Our team was there to recognize the work of Cartelera.

So many good announcements, such a great invitation to extol the spirit could be founded in the traces of Cartelera! For it, in the soiree, they were recognized founders and encouraged the young people incorporated in these years to stimulate -with its restless hallmark-, the creative world of the advertising and the design.

Ramon, the designer in the beginnings, evoked the times in which it was produced on paper and, especially, the great family that they shape among those who were and those who still are, because the human stamp keeps on marking the guideline in the pages that look for promoting, first of all, the deep values of the cultural Cuban tradition.

“Anytime I’m summoned, I try to appear”, he said happily in the 35 years celebration. Us too! And this time we have to write it without formality: it was a real pleasure to unite forces to propose to our clients and readers this publication of high added value, a magazine that drafts culture with capital letters and deserves a few lines in the great Billboard of sensibility.