After 12 years of experience in Cuba there are topics that EBM Marketing Solutions has very clear. One of them is our commitment with developing a Division of Business Intelligence with the objective of offering potential investors not only a correct diagnosis, but the effective way to achieve the desired objectives. This line of work is based on our knowledge of Cuban market, our experience operating on it and now on something more…

EBM is pleased to announce the collaboration in the above mentioned division of Dr. Juan Triana Cordoví, Professor of the Center of Studies of the Cuban Economy of the University of the Havana. Being a well-known. This new member of our team, explains it better.

“Time is precious for everyone. Walking the right paths is a way to save time and money. Leading the foreign investor to the sectors of highest priority for the country, identifying the coincidences between the individual interests of these potential investors and the purposes of the country is very important” he explains.

According to the university professor and consultant of Cuban and foreign companies, the way in which EBM accompanies the country’s policy, in line with the new Foreign Investment Law, is very useful to achieve valuable results for all parties.

“For Cuba, because of the effort required for development, to promote a foreign investment policy is fundamental as one of the elements that will help to have a prosperous and sustainable society. No country can live in isolation. In addition, the Government of Cuba acknowledged the need for investment flows of US $ 2.5 billion per year and, consequently, has been working on this for a long time. The international Fairs of Havana have played that role and today there are sector fairs to promote business, not only to teach what the country does, but also to promote business opportunities for foreign capital,” said the expert.

In his opinion, it is a work based on “an accumulation of knowledge of the Cuban market, the business culture in Cuba and the hability to identify business opportunities, to guide companies. Identifying the best opportunities, making these good opportunities become good business is what we intend to support”,he says in that calm voice of a patient teacher.

Juan Triana stops at a detail that is hard to explain to those who come with good will and good ideas to invest in the Island: “The Cuban market is sui generis, it works based on very unique characteristics that have to do with the specifics of Cuba and the transformation that is taking place”.

The respected analyst insists that “the new Foreign Investment policy is not only the Law, but the regulations that accompany the law and sectoral policies. To achieve successful business, the world needs to know them: it requires communication campaigns, but also it is necessary to identify good business, to help, in accordance with these sector policies, foreign investors who want to invest in Cuba”.

With the same three letters, our team increases its codification, grows and perfects its services, but above all, it increases the quality of one of our services that since 2017 has a heavy weight in the Cuban economy and market. Thanks Juan Triana. We are ready to move in the right and effective paths.