The Internet is no longer a space for privileged people. The democratization of services and the progressive expansion of global access to the online information ocean bring enormous potential to our company, product or services and, increasingly, implies you have a winning attitude.

Many companies are betting on online marketing to engage their followers and potential customers. For example, they use it to deliver news first instead of using the institutional website or traditional media. Change in the communicative model is a fact that shatters those opinions stating social networks and online presence is a waste of time.

Digital communication is a new model to listen to what is said about your brand on the street. It is a bidirectional communication system where both sides, customer and brand, win, unlike the conventional communication model where the brand was just launching messages and its potential customers became mere recipients of the message.

The game has changed, we could even say brands create products guided by the needs and requests the target audience make them through the networks.

Cuba has not only has widespread access through Wi-Fi parks throughout the country, but more and more businesses and institutions are taking on the online presence as a tool to communicate, get to know, reach users while listening to them, and make a useful use of the different tools that measure and monitor who is our user.

These data are critical to strengthen the brand. In this sense, EBM has a very particular line of work that, like others included in its business portfolio (consultancy, merchandising, media planning…), enhances comprehensive communication, whichever the area of communicative needs of the client may be. En modo EBM es como decir en modo cubano. A fin de cuentas, más de una década trabajando en la Isla nos dota de un background que nadie posee y que ponemos al servicio de nuestros clientes, tanto nacionales como extranjeros. Como expertos del marketing y la comunicación, aquí te dejamos cinco pasos que no puedes ignorar si quieres tener una presencia notable en internet de cara al público cubano.

EBM mode it’s like saying Cuban mode. After all, more than a decade of work on the Island gives us a background that nobody has and that we put at the service of our clients, both Cuban and foreign. As marketing and communication experts, here are five steps that you cannot ignore if you want to have a relevant presence on the Internet for the Cuban audience.

1. Always proposes a communication strategy to achieve short-, medium- and long-term goals.

2. Create an account in the social networks that are more coherent with our goals, or where we know our target audience is. We always advise to interleave any necessary with Facebook, the most penetrating in Cuba. This is a connection channel with the essential target audience, especially given the expansion and connectivity from the wifi points. Managing and maintaining active and updated social networks generates a significant leap in the quality of our brand on the Internet.

3. Make the actions of the company or service visible in networks. No matter how insignificant it may seem, everything can be communicated in a way that adds value to your brand.

4. Prepare content associated with influential people who can increase the scope of your publication.

5. Have experts in charge of this area to generate valuable content. EBM can help you.

6. Take into account the peculiarities of Cuba concerning the advertising tools of each network. There are always “tricks” and ways to overcome the particular problems we have here and EBM knows how to do it.

Unlike the popular Cuban TV show Sonando en Cuba, where you have to “sing well, to sound good” on the web you must first be and then get the kind of visibility to with which nobody is indifferent. That said: that is our specialty. Our portfolio goes from a basic plan for online presence to a total plus that allows us to take care of everything. Being at the forefront of changes in how society communicates will always give you an edge. Cuba is changing and, with it, EBM changes every day.