For a decade, EBM proposes to the Cuban market a very useful and versatile product for the most diverse activities: the tents, tensile structures and other solutions of textile architecture have a high demand to the point of turning, without doubts, into one of our main products.

Carlos Seara, expert of EBM in this product, reminds that the first order was done by the Holguín Provincial Supplies Company of the Popular Power, in October, 2007, and since then many clients have been satisfied. EBM is the exclusive supplier of Sprech Group for Cuba, an Italian company specialized in textile architecture which we work with.

The possibilities to have permanent or semi-permanent, fixed or retractable designs – on top of the range of materials, forms, sizes and available colors – makes its usage in the Island very attractive, where the weather is ideal for these solutions of roofing.

The lightness and permanence are essential qualities of the product that throughout a decade has passed the test. It was recently demonstrated by the tents of the handcrafts Fair ‘’Isla Amada’’, of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, located in the intersection of 1ra and B, in Havana. The sea treated the zone brutally, but they remained standing in spite of the fact that the waves even knocked down walls of concrete.

The tents provided by EBM are located in dissimilar places: from Coopelia, the well-known cuban “Cathedral of the ice cream”, the cream parlor ‘’The Towers’’, in Holguín, and just beyond, in the precious City of Cuba, Baracoa. In the whole eastern zone, the company of Trade and Gastronomy, Artex and the Fund of Cultural Goods are very important and, as Seara stands out, the product has a great impact on the population because it allows to get the gastronomic service closer to the neighborhoods and for the possibility of dismantling them before the threat of a cyclone or another meteorological phenomenon.

These structures allow their use as much in small as in big spaces, due to its facility to join up; in addition, we can reproduce them out of the standard models of the catalogue. It is a real pride to see them in the urban landscape of fair of the book or of crafts, turned into a stand of a company or in any of the multiple uses.

Throughout a decade, extraordinary things have happened to us, like a theoretically temporary project comes to the present day. Varadero and Santiago de Cuba’ Fairs of Crafts are two of these adventures that get us very satisfied.

Other of our specialties includes the suggestions for outdoors events, in the widest sense, since the proposal of design, the customization with brand or the reference that the client needs through the Plan of Communication. As specialists in Marketing and Advertising, we do not only guarantee the assembly of the designed emplacement, but also the whole communicative follow-up from the beginning to the end of the event.

With the task made and many goals planned for this 2017, to look at one of our star products, places us in a good path, but off course, we go for more!