First they read about us: “An advertisement agency specialized in Cuba alone”. That was our credential with the joint venture company Unilever  – Suchel S.A. They called us and we started a relationship that grows as both parties take satisfaction from working together.

It is an honor for EBM to assist Unilever since the beginning. This company will build in the Special Development Zone Mariel a modern plant for the manufacture of toiletries, cleaning, personal care and home products. They will be producing brands such as Sedal, Rexona, OMO, Lux and Close-Up, all of which are widely accepted by the skin, hair, hands and sensitivity of Cubans. The first production is scheduled for the end of 2017.

EBM’s signature is on the uniforms of its workers, postcards, calendars, gift bags …

This emblem personalizes its products, provides articles with the brand and, in the end, enhances the internal and external communication of this Dutch company for the Cuban market.

Unilever, satisfied with the first works of our line of Merchandising – with over 100 000 high quality promotional articles-, has increased its requests. EBM, leader in Integral Communication, works intensely, with gardener’s love – since we planted a Dutch flower together in Havana – so that each one of its clients is thus pleased.

“It is a great pleasure to return to Cuba and an honor to lay the foundation stone of what will be a factory that will maximize the use of natural resources and seek to meet the needs of people in the Cuban market,” said Paul Polman, Unilever global president in November 2016. He traveled to Havana expressly to participate in laying the foundation stone of this modern plant.

Hace solo unos días, en enero, quedó constituida la empresa mixta Unilever Suchel S.A. En todos estos meses, EBM, su experiencia y competencias profesionales han estado del lado que le toca, del que constituye la razón de ser de una empresa ligada al marketing y la comunicación en Cuba…del lado de su nuevo cliente.

Just a few days ago, in January, the joint venture company Unilever Suchel S.A., was created. In all these months, EBM, its experience and professional competences have been on the side it should be, on the side of its client.

There will be more common experiences. Some already start their cycle and we are looking for the best options, especially because both teams are permanently looking at the horizon.

Congratulations to Unilever for his achievements and advances in Cuba! As we say here, this land is the perfect place to provide the positive impact they want in both Cuban society and Cuban economy. At the same time, in EBM we are ready to turn that first stone into the most beautiful tulip of the Caribbean.