Creative development

At EBM, we combine traditional advertising strategies with the most innovative formats. In this way, we can reach all audiences, wherever they are. We make use of the knowledge of consumers and their habits and needs through technology and networks.

«Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.»

– Jules Verne

We offer different services within the creative area:

Audiovisual production

Ideas for selling products and services in a creative, innovative, eye-catching or fun way. We offer advertising, television, video marketing and digital production services. We have a complete team of audiovisual production professionals to cover all creative areas.

Corporate video

Video is the most watched, shared and searched multimedia content today. Its possibilities as a communication tool are immense. It provides a technological, modern image of your company or brand. Spread your story, your idea or your products through a current image, which can be reproduced on multiple channels: corporate website, social networks, television, digital media …

Web video

Video content on your website improves the image of your brand, gets more hits and improves positioning. They also allow complex ideas to be easily disseminated and are the preferred content of audiences.

Spots de televisión

Transmit your messages directly and effectively with a TV spot. Television videos promote brand values and build image.

Event recording

Our specialist team captures all details of your event to keep on video. They move around unnoticed and without getting in the way.


Promote your book with a teaser or a short video, similar to movie trailers that promote films or TV series.