Carlos Seara
Carlos SearaGeneral Manager
With a degree in Economics (1990), he was a university lecturer until 1994. As regional manager of Gaviota Tours SA from that year until 2003, he increased sales by 600% during that period. He was also sales manager for Hoteles Gaviota SA. In 2007, he joined EBM Marketing Solutions as a sales executive. He is now General Manager of EBM Cuba.

He says honesty, persistence and work never go out of style.
Manuel de la Rica
Manuel de la RicaChairman
Founder of the PRISA Group (El País, Canal +, Cadena SER). He has been involved in marketing, media and advertising for 42 years. He celebrated his 40th birthday as CEO of an agency that in 1991 had a turnover of more than 700 million dollars. He later founded his own company, which he sold in 2000 to the Leo Burnett Group. He invested in cable, radio stations and magazines. He was the founder of ZERTEM Communication Group and in 2004 he set up EBM Marketing Solutions. He has received eight industry awards throughout his career.

He knows two plus two equals four, but he doesn’t like it.
Virgilio Cano
Virgilio CanoCEO
Between 1977 and 2005 he worked in politics, occupying positions of responsibility in the PSOE and the Community of Madrid, as a deputy, councillor and vice-chairman of Telemadrid. He founded and runs several contemporary art companies. He has been a resident partner and CEO of EBM since 2015.

He loves good food and is a great conversationalist.

Karla Gattorno
Karla GattornoSponsorship
She has advised pharmaceutical companies, the tourism sector and other national and international services. She is the author of the book ‘Abrir y mantener un negocio privado en Cuba’ (Opening and Maintaining a Private Business in Cuba) and is known for her tremendous work capacity. She is an expert in sponsorship, through her long-standing involvement in the organisational team of the Havana and Madrid marathons.

With pure adrenaline for EBM, it’s in her blood.

Alexander Pérez
Alexander PérezCustomer Services
With a degree in Law in 1997 and a diploma in Foreign Trade in 2012, he worked at the importer ITH attached to the Ministry of Tourism from 2008 to 2015 as a legal adviser, legal director, commercial director and general manager. In 2016, he joined the EBM Cuba team as head of sales.

He doesn’t talk much but says a lot.

Nyliam Vázquez
Nyliam VázquezCommunications
With a degree in Social Communication, she is a journalist with more than ten years of experience in one of the largest circulation newspapers in Cuba. She worked in Beijing as a reporter and information analyst. She is a speaker at international conferences and author of articles, reports and the book ‘Retrato de una ausencia’ (Portrait of an Absence).

Communication is her thing, although she prefers to listen with a good cup of Cuban coffee in her hand.

María de la Rica
María de la RicaMarketing & Digital Strategy
More than 12 years of experience in agencies and brands. She is passionate about advertising, marketing, events and public relations. She has worked in large advertising agencies with large accounts; she has also worked in smaller agencies, specialising in luxury brand communication, fashion and cosmetics. A born entrepreneur, she is passionate about the digital environment and its infinite possibilities for communication.

Her challenge: to find the secret of teleportation.

Maira Romero
Maira RomeroComercial
Having trained as an IT specialist, she has more than 15 years of experience working in the Excelencias Group. She is always the driving force behind the most daring projects. A confident communicator, she is fully capable of convincing people through her use of words and infinite drive. If you do not know something, ask her, if you think something is impossible, just leave it in her hands.
What she don’t knows she’ll find out.