Positioning of companies in Cuba

We design bespoke strategies to communicate effectively and in a manner suited to the Cuban market. We work on the objectives in stages, we adjust the message lines and we make proposals regarding contents for the different channels for events, products and services… a tailor-made solution.

Our experience

The promotion of FIART 2013

Online sales of ARTEX stores in Mexico

The promotion of PARADISO, a travel agency specialising in cultural tourism

Business intelligence

We advise companies that want to establish themselves in Cuba, helping them to identify the opportunities that exist in their sector. Through our Business Intelligence service, we help you to explore the portfolio of investment opportunities within the Foreign Investment Legal Framework in Cuba. We support companies and advise them on how to establish relations with the Cuban authorities, a key aspect to the proper management of projects in the country. We put them in contact with Cuban companies with which there may be business synergies.

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